Credit unions exist to serve their members. As members’ needs and preferences evolve based on the technologies they use every day, so must the credit union adapt its offerings to meet these evolving expectations.
Technology allows credit unions to better utilize an already stretched workforce to be more active and effective in working with its valued members, while embracing new opportunities for the workforce to work from anywhere.
In this webinar video, we will discuss who in the organization can leverage which tools to meet the expectations of the modern credit union employee and the newer digitally savvy member.
Access this FREE webinar video today to learn how credit unions can effectively meet the digital expectations for both your members and employees.
You'll learn:
  • How employees can orchestrate and track the member journey using untapped digital engagement channels.
  • Ways you can empower a digital workforce to deliver exceptional service from anywhere.
  • Modern productivity tools that provide employees and members seamless and secure access to data, from anywhere on any device.
  • Optimizing operations to create a flexible and secure IT environment that is easy to maintain and integrates well with third-party solutions.
  • How to drive agility with open and connected systems, and how highly automated digital processes support the development of new products.
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